Thursday, 18 June 2015


Yes, you'll see from the "About Me" gadget just over there, that apparently my name is Crafty Loops.  Well, it kinda is in a Blogger kinda way, but you can call me Lee.  Crafty Loops is my Crafting Blog.  Anyway, I'll probably just keep the "Crafty Loops" title as the thought of my full name being plastered over Blogger just makes me feel weird.  Ridiculous, I know considering the Social Media explosion of the last 10 years and a lot of people share pretty much everything including the birth of their first child and their end of year bonus figures.  Nah.....not me thank you very much.  Regardless of names etc., this Blog is something entirely different from my Craft Blog.....and this may in fact go no further than this post.....heehee.  Now wouldn't that be annoying.

I just decided on a whim to make this little blog.  I have been told on my Craft Blog and YouTube that I have a rather unique style of writing.  Of course, "unique" could basically mean anything from "OMG, this woman is so weird.  She's wired to the big light" to "You deserve a Pulitzer young lady", lol.  I'm not blowing my own trumpet here (she says with the sounds of angels tooting horns in her head), but I thought "what the hell", I may as well write about something that doesn't involve double sided tape and explaining the Coptic binding method to people.  It will be random "stuff" as the name of this blog so aptly suggests.  I may decide to talk about something I heard on the news, or a thought that entered my noggin or write about a fabulous adventure day I happened to have.  Then again, this blog may not have any of those things at all and I decide to write about something totally random like, why is it every time I walk passed my cat when she's sitting on the kitchen chair, she swipes at me and tries to trip me up?  What is that about?  I haven't disturbed her in any way, I haven't tried to move her or stroke her lovingly.  I've simply gone passed her on my way to the fridge or kitchen cupboard and BAM!!  There she is with her furry, clawed paw, aggressively swiping at me in an attempt to trip me up and laugh as I land on my face.  Either that or she just takes great pleasure in plucking my trousers.

Anyway, there is a random taster of what's to come.....or not to come as the case may be.  You might want to read, or you may not.  Either way, I may write.......I may not.  Who knows?  The joys of being me, eh?

Laters Gators......Lee X


  1. happy new blog Loops....... sure you won't be on your own for long...... always some amusing story to be told lol.

  2. So there is someone else as weird as me then! Lol I'm all ears. Hugs Mrs A.
    p.s. I have a chicken named after me 'Mrs A'. Just thought you'd like to know that or not!


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